Friday, September 10, 2010

A good afternoon, Gina picked me up at 2, we went to General Dollar where I spent about $40 on stuff ranging from bath towels to a new broom to a bunch of  rectangular Sterilite plastic containers. Nothing was impulse. Only thing I couldn't find were some new miniblinds. Gina brought along some cleaning supplies & her smaller but still powerful vacuum. Then we spent a couple of hours picking up clutter, throwing some stuff out, & she did a general vacuuming, especially along the baseboards,  & even mopped the small kitchen floor area. I said I think I can handle the bathroom. if you let me borrow that sponge mop. This returned the apt to slightly better  condition than I usually kept it before the damned foley catheter made it difficult for me kneel to clean spaces, & lift heavier items.

The Sterilite containers were my idea for document storage. Folders & manila envelopes weren't doing it for me. I don't have keep various types of documents in chronological order, I just have to keep them separated by type. If I need something, I just want to know where it is. No problem if I know it's in a specific 14" x 11" x 4" stackable box on the shelves.

Thanks to Gina for helping you out! :o)
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