Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something for Cat

From Barney Kessel's Lp Breakfast At Tiffany's, He arranged all 12 songs from the soundtrack lp for a  small group,  in the same  order.

I wish I liked the Lp more. But Breakfast wasn't nearly as jazzy as the two Peter Gunn albums. The songs from Gunn generally traveled well  through a variety of jazz & pop settings.  But in the Sixties Mancini was working with bigger budgets, & bigger orchestras with string sections. After Breakfast, when hired for a movie, Mancini was expected to compose a song worthy of an Oscar nomination, & one or two memorable novelty numbers.  The weakest of his melodies  sounded fine  wrapped in  beautiful 3 minute arrangements. But a new generation of   movie composers - Lalo Schifrin, John Barry, Burt Bacharach -  was  about to overtake him.

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