Sunday, August 15, 2010

North Wildwood NJ - The Lurae

The Lurae was my favorite motel of its type in the Wildwoods; the classic, medium-size, family-owned, family-oriented vacation motel. I never stayed there. I stayed across the street at The Kismet, a small, old-fashioned,  no-frills motor court motel that a couple had nicely  renovated. But I observed The Lurae all week. It had  50 units. The pool & patios were active all day, they had a DJ in the afternoon, & a gameroom. At dusk it lit up beautifully,  & guests gathered on balconies for cocktails. It quieted down by midnight. The Lurae was clean & well-maintained. The Lurae's  small coffeeshop was little more than a convenience, scrambled eggs   & toast, burgers, weak coffee, I rarely patronized it, but it was an integral part of the whole.  They had good ice cream cones. The Lurae appeared profitable, always crowded in mid-August,  but it closed a few years ago.

The Lurae was two blocks from the beach at the ocean inlet end of the Wildwoods, which has a slower pace, better beaches, & a Victorian lighthouse. In this old postcard The Telstar at the bottom is now the Oceanaire, & the vacant lots are gone. The Lurae is at the top, & The Kismet is the small motel on its right with white walls & red roofs.

Through the Wayback Machine, we can still visit The Lurae.

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