Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just another couple of broken hearts

Wow, 20 years this sumnmer I went into the WFMU library to pull my show & found this Was (Not Was) release on a 12" single in the new bin. I was feeling crappy because a relationship I'd at least expected to get through the summer while the woman's other boyfriend was in Europe was falling apart (she claimed he had a French lover).  Shouldn't have been a heartbreaker,  I wished I felt half as philosophical about it as "Sweetpea" Atkinson singing this sauntering song. David Weiss (a.k.a. David Was) and Don Fagenson (a.k.a. Don Was) & a bunch of regular & guest musicians released four peculiar soul/funk LPs  from 1980 to 1990, none were especially cohesive, more like collections of singles & one-shot ideas, all very good.


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