Saturday, August 14, 2010

The guy who won the '86 World Series

Half-listening to Steve "The Schmoozer"  Somers on WFAN after the Mets game last night, he took a call from Fanwood NJ, a guy complaining about Mets abysmal hitting, common gripe, the voice sounded familiar. Hey, I know that guy. Haven't seen him in years, but he's  a rabid Mets fan, & he lives in Fanwood.  In fact, he has a jar of Shea Stadium pitcher mound dirt from '69 series win, a powerful mojo, & claims to have  won the '86 series by opening it during the 10th inning of the 6th game, when the Mets were an out away from losing the series to the Red Sox & staged an improbable comeback capped by Buckner's error at first base. I had no reason to doubt him. I'm sure he tried everything else, changing seats, putting the jar of dirt on top of the TV; actually exposing the  sacred soil  to the tainted air of New Jersey was  an act of total desperation.

He & his wife did some major interior renovating when they bought the Fanwood house.  Whenever  they needed a wall taken out, they invited friends, supplied pizza & beer, & an assortment of sledge hammers & crowbars, & let us have at it.  It was very theraputic.   Interesting pair, lost touch with them as they settled in  raised a couple of kids.

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