Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Dramatics: Hey You! Get Off My Mountain

When I joined WFMU in 1981, one of the (many) strengths of my personal record collection was that for a few years  I had  been trolling cutout bins for  later period soul & funk LPs  from Stax/Volt, Avco, Spring, Motown, Westbound & other labels. The WFMU library had few of these - the program director had apparently trashed  many of them as "disco." Few DJs at the time featured the music. Rather than playing soul rarities, which were expensive collectors items, I played lesser known songs by more mainstream artists, LP cuts or singles  that had maybe done moderately well on soul/R&B charts but hardly cracked the pop charts. This stuff was almost unknown to most white listeners.  The music became one of my signature genres, although I was no expert. The Dramatics had two big hits, "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get" & "In the Rain." "Hey You! Get Off My Mountain" was #5 on R&B in 1973 but only reached #43 pop. Great song.

"Now You Got Me Loving You" tacks on a two minute coda  for extra booty rubbin' on the dance floor.

Ladies & Gentlemen, breaking hearts ain't their game, Here's The Dramatics.

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