Friday, August 27, 2010

A Blessing for Jean & Neil

It is difficult
for two people to find each other,
to become friends, &
becoming friends,
to discover love
in that friendship.
Yet, it has happened
to your delight & ours.

Your love is fueled by dreams,
&  what you have experienced
together & alone
brings a shared wisdom
with enough space for hope.

In this lovely autumn,
as the trees take themselves
into the bright colors of sleep,
& birds mysteriously disappear,
you have chosen to awaken a springtime,
& with it, new growth, a new year,
a season for nurturning dreams & hopes.

It is a good moment to get married,
     & we bless you,
your  love for each other
     blesses us, too.

October 4, 1986


Poems of occasion infrequently transcend the occasion for which they are written. This one didn't make the leap. But I thought the brother of the bride could say, using 1/4th the words, what a pastor would say. Being familiar with my sister's first marriage, I was convinced this one was right.

Occasional poems on public & personal events help a poet feel useful. I've written many poems for individuals, for birthdays, as thank yous, to show sympathy on the deaths of pets.
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