Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tomorrow I'm calling visiting nurses (they have another name now). I'm not managing my health care well, & that's one of the services they offer - helping you manage your health care. Their office is right around the corner. I need dental work & dentures, a huge problem; have to choose a new primary doctor, adapt to a different HMO at the end of the month that doesn't list my current urologist. I received a bill from his service for required exams by & ordered by him that ought to have been covered by the insurance I currently have.

This apt is a disaster, much of my own making but there are major problems in the bathroom the handyman hasn't dealt with over the past week despite my calls.. I even may ask a lady on the first floor who does routine chores for the landlord how much she'd charge to come up every so often & spend an hour or two helping me clean. She's kind & helpful generally. I feel overwhelmed (doesn't take much) because I am being overwhelmed. I need stability & order, which are great comforts, wherever those are possible. I'm good at minimizing my needs & desires. I have small pleasures; books & music & writing online, watching late night talk shows. If I had a backyard, my excitement would be bird feeders. I'm not so good at organizing myself, or staying on top of paperwork beyond paying rent & couple of utility bills on time every month.

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