Tuesday, February 02, 2010

(3) Notre Dame 75 Rutgers 63

Game was closer than score shows. Irish in a tiring part of their schedule, they were vulnerable. They might be the second best team in the country. Problem is, UConn is far & away better than anyone else. Irish could lose four games this year, all to UConn, the fourth conceivably for the National Championship.

In a good year for Scarlet Knights, Rutgers wins this one at home & ND coach McGraw knows it. They all know it in the Big East. Outside the conference, coaches warn their teams about Rutgers. "They'll score 60 points & beat us." SEC & ACC teams don't listen. Rutgers counts on that come tournament time.

I don't know why Rutgers didn't gel this season. Maybe Epiphanny Prince was the glue. This game was typical - offense chipped away but defense couldn't hold down the stretch. But it's a good year to be mediocre.

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