Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Had to reschedule a medical test today. While it's not something I look forward to, it's in-office & routine enough for the doctor, & they say you're in & out in an hour. I had arranged a ride there & back & weather was decent. But I have a cold sore, running a slight temp, even Ambien couldn't put me to sleep last night. It's like a cold bug you have partial immunity to but it's there all the same. I didn't feel right this morning. I'm not allowed to take aspirin for a week before the test so I couldn't use it to knock the fever back. I thought if I just went to the appt., they might not want to touch me. I called the office, knowing they don't appreciate same day cancellations, told my symptoms, & the office assistant said, yes, I should postpone, wasn't grumpy about it, told me who to talk to later to make a new appt & get another prescription for the preventive antibiotics most doctors & dentists throw at patients before even minor "invasive" procedures. The postponement was obviously routine, too, probably very much so in cold & flu season. Then I called my ride, I was very apologetic, she was in the middle of doing something to her hair & I think the greater inconvenience was making her drip on the phone. I dreamed during a nap this afternoon that I got a new calendar. Then woke up, called the office at the designated time, got right through to the intended person, a friendly aide I remembered, & set everything up.


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