Saturday, January 23, 2010

The New Beat Bossa

Listening to classy bossa nova & samba jazz circa 1960, mostly recordings made in Brazil for Brazilians. Although it's easy listening, it was smoothed out even more when it reached the United States. Only had to compare a Joao Donato piano trio record with one he recorded three years later with Bud Shank in L.A. Shank had been to Brazil a few years earlier, he knew, but it got the treatment anyway. Both are fine LPs. Walter Wanderley's Brazilian organ records are somewhat less laid back. The Brazilians were already stars in their country & they had a good deal of creative freedom there to do unusual things. They were just adapting to a new, wider market with different tastes & a potential for selling a lot of songs & records. We almost beat the bossa nova beat into the ground. But Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 is nice ear candy to this day. Many of our better jazz musicians loved playing it.

The cover of this 1962 LP by Zoot Sims didn't look too promising when I found it at a flea market in the 90's. It turned out to be wonderful, with Jim Hall on guitar, a prominent flute section, first rate tunes & arrangements, Sims has a way with the style different from Stan Getz.

Here's Sem Saudades de Voce from New Beat Bossa Nova (RealAudio stream).

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