Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Star Game

The Prez did a smooth 1/2 inning in the broadcast booth as the National League scored three runs. Baseball isn't Obama's game, but he enjoys it & keeps an eye on the White Sox. His staff got him up to speed after a week overseas. He takes the Rudy Giuliani approach, easiest & best way. If you were a fan of a team before you were a politician - Rudy was a Yankees guy - don't knock the other team in town but don't fake enthusiasm for it or try to play both sides & pretend impartiality. Obama is Chicago & proudly wore a White Sox jacket.

AL 4 NL 3
A couple walking ahead of me up the block out front, no hurry, holding hands, I thought nothing of it until they turned into the back yard of the vacant house on the corner, went up the steps to the rear porch & through the door, which was unlocked.

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