Friday, July 03, 2009

The girl can't help it

Only 2 1/2 years as governor, never having faced a single serious crisis while in office. No help at all to John McCain with independent voters. No evidence of a keen intellect or desire to learn. Third rate education. No substantial "career" before entering politics. & somehow, between now & 2012, merely by campaigning & fund-raising among the far right in the lower 48 & appearing on Fake News every other day, Sarah Palin makes herself qualified for the presidency?

She's trying to short circuit investigations. She won't need to take the blame if Alaska's economy goes really bad (unlikely), or credit Obama for improvements. Her approval ratings could be terrible by 2010; they've dropped 10 points over the past year. Be even riskier if she ran for reelection with Alaskans knowing she'll be spending more time in Iowa than in Alaska. Despite her Hockey Mom crap & basketball analogies, this is not a woman with Hillary's multi-tasking skills.

& tell me, just who was making fun of Trig? Can't put that on Letterman.

All the stuff she said she didn't want to do, the official trips, trade missions, etc., are how governors build up their national credentials.

One TV commentator said, "Her credentials can't help but get weaker now, as time passes."

As for rumors there's a big scandal about to pop, an indictment, that could explain it, too. I hope not. Sara & her devotees are so screwball & so divisive that Democrats could hardly hope for a greater affliction upon Repugs.


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