Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nats 3 Mets 1

Da Mets dropped two of three to the Washington Nationals. If we're not ready to concede The Mets are worse than the Nats, we know they're only nominally better at best, right now, & it's taken so long for them to slide. The Phillies look great now only because they went on a timely streak. How do you patch together a winner with these guys out?
F. Nieve RP/SP
F. Martinez RF
C. Beltrán CF
J. Maine SP
J. Putz RP
R. Martínez SS/2B
J. Reyes SS
C. Delgado 1B

I admit I wonder about Reyes & his "tendinitis." Here's a guy, really talented, gets up on the wrong side of the bed & he doesn't want to run to first base on a flyout. He started the season like he had a personal motivational trainer & I thought, This can't last through his first slump.

You score one run, you're probably gonna lose. Score none you definitely lose. It's not the Mets without Beltran & Delgado & Reyes. This isn't the Yankees. Over there the #9 guy isn't the pitcher, & a day off for A-Rod means he's DHing or at least available to pinchhit, & they compete for walk-off homeruns & a shaving cream pie in the face, & when Rivera warms up in the bullpen the other team's phoning for takeout ribs & hookers to be waiting in their hotel rooms, & nobody's located the secret, giant fan in the new stadium lifts balls over the outfield fences. Wish Citi Field had one of those.


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