Friday, November 21, 2008

A venerable old DJ

2008 has not been a good year for my WFMU DJing. Number of reasons, none by itself responsible for doing only two fill-in shows & very little else, but altogether they kept me from getting into my DJ frame-of-mind. So I turned away a lot of fill-in opportunities, & when you don't do fill-ins other DJs tend to forget you're available or assume you're not. Usually I have what I call my agenda, music I want to air on the radio, & that didn't get much attention; it's music that I find & use to build sets. But I've done an enormous amount of reading this year. I guess that's what I really wanted to do. I kept up music searches, read reviews & articles. , unable to work up enthusiasm over much.

Fill-ins are not all I want to do at WFMU. For awhile now I've wanted to record unscheduled Internet shows, new Rix programs appearing on my WFMU archives, perhaps available as podcasts. I was quickly trained to do internet-only shows about two years ago, never recorded any, & now I have to be retrained, more slowly. I have agendas for those, some of them theme shows. I'd like to post some of my programs from the 1990's; the station needs "historical" archives of typical weekly free form shows from the past. Since mine was rarely a topical program, & not even so much a new music program, most of them have held up pretty well. Unfortunately, the majority are indifferently recorded airchecks using cheap cassettes.

I'll continue to do fill-ins, be more attuned to the opportunties next year, they're fun, on-the-fly affairs, & the personal challenge I give myself is to spin them toward the tastes of the DJ I'm substituting for. The huge responsibility of a regular weekly program doesn't interest me, & there's plenty of great DJs on the staff to take those slots. To really contribute, I need to use the resources WFMU now has available for venerable old DJs.


If you're looking for a cohost to act as comic relief...
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