Friday, November 14, 2008

Rutgers 86 St. Joseph's 59

Look at that, an offensive blowout against a good program to start the season, & Coach Springer put 11 players in the game including five freshmen. Epiphanny Prince scored 26 points.

The Lady Scarlet Knights are rated 5th in the AP preseason poll, & they'll move up next week. Coach Stringer likes to test her teams early, so next weekend they head for the West Coast to play #9 California & #2 Stanford. It's fine if they defeat those teams now, but they have to beat them in March.

Prairie View A&M visits Rutgers on Dec. 11. They won't bring their renowned Marching Storm band, incredible drum line, & the gorgeous Black Foxes dance troupe, but if they have a pep band, that plus the cheerleaders would probably be worth the price of admission.

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Are the RU women playing Stanford this season. The Cardinal just lost big to #19 Baylor.
Occurred to me that women's games don't usually get the pep bands. When's the last time LSU lost a home opener & fell out of the top 25?
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