Friday, November 07, 2008

the freeing agent of thought

Maybe I'm just not a smart searcher. Is it possible to find complete election results online for towns in Jersey? Not only the local contest summaries but the presidential & senate tallies, too.

Proposition 8: A heartbreaking setback for civil rights in California. It would have passed here in Jersey, too. One step forward, one-half step back. I predict that Californians will repeal this noxious amendment, & it won't be long. Time & youth will quickly erase the slim 3% point margin.
The reason I say Californians' setback is temporary is that women are going to watch Erica Kane plan a wedding for her angelic daughter, whose beautiful girlfriend is sweet and warm, and women all over the place LOVE A FREAKING WEDDING. There will be resistance, then women will say things like, "I'm not sure it should be legal, but wasn't that beautiful? I cried my eyes out!" Then a whole lot of women will make one truly crucial recognition: they have gay friends and relatives who might really like to hire a band and polka in public. All gay marriage will mean to most women is the possibility of more weddings, more cake, more dancing, more flowers, more love, more babies to adore, more of what makes life good.
As poet William Carlos Williams wrote: "the local is the freeing agent of all thought."

I looked at the county election map to see how Obama won Virginia, & there were a few surprises. Obama's rally in Lynchburg last summer apparently helped. But I can't say I'm "proud" of Virginia, because this year is second time that state has given a black man a statewide majority. New Jersey did it for first time.

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And from what I've been reading, Prop. 8 was voted for by nearly 70% of California's black population. That is the one thing I've always found disconcerting among many of my black friends -- their homophobia. Probably because of their Christian beliefs, although one would think that if anyone understands discrimination, it would be black people.

John Aravosis over at AmericaBlog is not taking this lying down, and if his calls for certain boycotts in the past aren't proof of his power, it should be interesting this coming year. He's calling upon Robert Redford to move the Sundance Festival out of Utah, and of course, since the Marriotts are owned by the Mormons and/or the church, he's also calling for a boycott on the hotels.

Let's not forget what he did to Microsoft, and their bigoted stance a few years ago on a proposition in Washington State. He, and his blog, are a powerful force to be reckoned with.
If it was 70%, that doesn't surprise me. I've mentioned the Saturday night trains out of Newark to New York a few times on this blog - all the young, black lesbians on them. Black communities here seem hardly ready to do much more than acknowledge there's a problem & regret it when obvious antigay violence occurs. I think that can change. Mormons are intractable for the foreseeable future. If Park City, Utah is a gay-friendly town because of Sundance Festival, it would be foolish to surrender it. Reorganize, educate, repeal.
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