Friday, July 11, 2008

What a ridiculous week. Wouldn't even know Verizon was turned back on if I hadn't picked up the phone. I wasn't expecting a dial tone. Almost bought a cheapie Tracfone at Cost Cutters. Missed my late night chatroom. The major annoyance was that I couldn't transfer anything from here to the library computer. The library doles out computer use in 30 minutes chunks, whether you're online or using the word processor, & you have to sign on again. You also have to remember to logoff any website. I don't want the next user reading my e mail.

I also missed the week's news stories in detail. Not that it matters. It seems to have been pretty much the same as last week.

I did work on some poetry stuff. I made a top five score on Slam Tilt pinball, which I rarely play anymore. I did it with sound turned off.

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