Friday, July 11, 2008

Two Slices

Sal, I'll have two slices plain. I'm getting a snapple from the fridge.

I got two slices left with peppers, same price.

OK, long as they aren't dried out.

Whadda you care? I seen you go in Pizza Hut. What's new?

Somebody slashed my front bike tire at the library.

You got enemies.

That a question, a theory, or a fact?

Sombody don't like you.

Who doesn't like me?

I don't know who don't like you. Everybody don't like somebody.

It was a cheap front tire, easy to replace.

That bike with the big basket?


Slashed it cause he couldn't steal it. Only bike around looks like that, you'd catch him if he rode it around town.

When did you see me go in Pizza Hut?

With that blonde woman you used to go with, the one who painted the bungalow around the corner.

That was years ago. You have spies at other pizza places?

I was at the bank across the street. What happened to her.

Didn't work out.

Your fault, then.

My fault? Why was it my fault, Sal?

She was a nice woman. Used to buy a tunafish sub but brought her own drink, one of those awful Mexican sodas they sell next-door.

Hmm, I thought she didn't like those.

See, she kept secrets from you.


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