Monday, July 07, 2008

I don't have a cheap cell phone. There are a few reasons I need one: My Verizon service is out today. It alarmed me at first. I paid the bill last week, it's never very high. There's been no shutoff warning. The wires seemed o.k. I was about to go up the street to call Verizon from a friend's house when it occurred to me to test the doorbuzzers, which use the phones. None worked. Then a guy from the 3rd floor came down & said his phone was off, too. The entire building is out. We were unhappy but relieved. The woman in A4 who takes care of building problems wasn't home.


I use Vonage for my land line, and I have a prepaid T-mobile cell that works just fine. I recently upgraded the T-mobile to a Sidekick so that I can text using a natural keyboard instead of the standard thumb over numbers routine. With my Sidekick, I pay 1 buck a day to have unlimited internet access, email, and text messaging. In addition, my price per minute for talking went down, although I rarely use the cell phone to chat. It's just the back up, because I am either at home or at work. But I like the fact that I have unlimited texting, and I can access AIM, Yahoo, Messenger, etc. and appear online to my friends even though I am only on my cell phone. I can navigate the web, check my blog, POST to my blog from my cell, plus listen to music I download (I bought a 2 gig memory chip)and it has a camera! Can't get any cooler then that, in my book!
I pretty much know what you're saying. But Idoubt if I'll ever have any of those services.
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