Monday, July 14, 2008

Cheap gas courtesy of Jesus

If you're homeless, hungry & on foot, this won't help you:
MORRISTOWN -- Temporary relief from record-high fuel prices is in sight, as the Liquid Church will again hold a Gas Giveaway, on Aug. 3 at the Exxon station on Morris Street.

The Christian church, located at 96 Speedwell Ave., will hold the event that day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Gas will be sold for 99 cents per gallon to anyone who shows up, with the church paying the difference from the pump price.

"We wanted to demonstrate that God's love is free of charge. There are no strings attached," the Rev. Tim Lucas said in a statement.

Before the "Giveaway" starts, the church will purchase fuel at regular prices, estimated to be $4 per gallon. During the four-hour period of the giveaway, or until they run out of pre-purchased gasoline, customers can fill up their tanks for just 99 cents a gallon. The Exxon station is located across the street from the train station.
"There's no catch," Lucas added. "We aren't trying to raise money, convert people or make a statement. All we really want to do is serve our neighbors and remind them of a simple truth; whether they drive a Hummer or a Honda, God loves them."
God loves everyone although Jesus personally preferred poor folks. I don't trust these people. They meet in the Morristown Hyatt, hand you a Starbuck's, & baptize you in a hot tub. The pastor, who has a huge head & huge sculpted hair & looks like he used to be a child TV actor, refers to congregants as "peeps" & uses other "cool" words. Yuck. He'd compare prayer to Wi-Fi. There's a slick website. They brag about giving away 10,000 bottles of nonjudgmental water at the Asbury Park Gay Pride Parade (gas, water, Liquid Church, get it?), yet nowhere on the website does it say they're welcoming & inclusive, key words for any congregation that unconditionally accepts LGBT as members. Look around the website & hints show up here & there of a conventionally conservative, patriarchal church ruled by ambitious Pastor Tim with a persuasive smile upfront, no doubt with a firm hand behind the scenes & God's voice echoing in his head. Liquid Church is just a new variety of young, upscale Baptists, & if it came to that for me I'd rather hear a gospel quartet in a country church than watch a Powerpoint light show accompanied by a Christian alt rock band & a free latte in a cardboard cup.


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