Friday, June 13, 2008

What I didn't like about Tim Russert:
Add up the sum of his parts he should've been more like a younger, milder Jimmy Breslin.
His famous electoral college "predictions" were conventional wisdom.
The more entrenched he became, the less he spoke truth to power, never his strongest suit anyway. Were his presidential debate performances better than I remember them? It was way too easy to imagine Tim at a cocktail party yucking it up with a group including David Broder, Maureen Dowd, James Carville, Karl Rove, George Stephanopoulos, & Anne Coulter. Ever get the uneasy feeling that maybe none of them really gives a damn - because they all know the game is fixed?

What I liked about Tim Russert:
His Rust Belt education, Canisius High School in Buffalo, John Carroll University & Cleveland State, was first rate & a raspberry at the gaudy academic resumes of many other high profile journalists.
He went to Woodstock "in a Buffalo Bills jersey with a case of beer."
He wasn't groomed to be a face on TV news. He resembled guys I actually know.


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