Wednesday, June 25, 2008

People who travel

Some acquaintances learned yesterday, their 8th wedding anniversary, that they could adopt their two foster children, a brother & sister. Leaving the meeting, with the children, their car wouldn't start. So what ensued was a truly aggravating three hours, a tow, a rental car, finding out the problem was minor, returning the rental car, driving home, takeout burgers for supper during the trip. At one point the wife whispered to her husband, "We could have been the people who travel."

All married-with-children know the people who travel. They're the childless ones who bicycle in China, whale watch in New Zealand, hike glaciers in Alaska, boat down the Nile in air-conditioned comfort while sipping Pimm's. Instead of postcards & slide shows, now they e mail links to albums at Photobucket. They aren't rich, & their budgets for these packaged adventures aren't a whole lot more than a weekly rental at the Jersey shore with the kids in something near the water & better than a hovel, boardwalk amusements, & a family dinner at a decent crab shack.

re: "people who travel"

Wasn't that the subject of some Erma Bombeck humor column from 1958 that's been e-mailed around the Internet millions of times?
Probably. I am but a river.
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