Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Napalm Health Spa 2008

The online edition of Napalm Health Spa: Report 2008 is up, a long-running poetry annual edited by Jim Cohn.

I still get a feeling, what am I doing, keeping company with all these wonderful poets?

I only want every poem I let out of my modest bag to have its own way of walking & talking, however peculiar, & hopefully be clear & uncomplicated.

I wrote Jim:
Before condos were built down the road from my sister's place in a hilly region of Jersey, there was a small farm, & a roadside cottage with a porch, not far from a babbling creek, a miniature house of maybe three rooms where I presume a stable hand lived, & I always said I could move in there, sit on the porch, wave at passing cars, & play the village crazy. & when other poets visited I knew they'd be delighted to sit on the porch with me, smiling, waving, enjoying the scenery & the sound of the creek.
Look, there's two, no, three crazy people now.

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