Sunday, June 08, 2008

I walked to the supermarket at sunset. It was summer weather. I don't think I broke a sweat until the return trip with groceries in the backpack. The ice cream didn't melt. The heat was worse over by the market where there's just street & parking lot & no grass. Strategizing around a few days of hot weather isn't that difficult. It's the week long scorchers Jersey gets in July that make everyone crazy. I would not want to have been on Route 35 when the Morgan Creek drawbridge got stuck open today. A lot of those people were coming back from Sandy Hook & cursing themselves, or being cursed by their families, for not getting on the Parkway at Keyport & paying the damned tolls. There's a little beach at Morgan, & nice views, but the baywater there is of questionable quality.


My son and I left Seaside Park at 4 pm yesterday after a 7-hour sojourn to the beach and boardwalk. The water temp was a numbing 57F, which was only tolerable for 30 seconds. A sea breeze kicked in around 1 pm, giving small comfort to anyone east of the Boulevard in Seaside Heights.

I headed north on Rt. 35 through Pt. Pleasant and then on Rt. 34 when I noticed that the Parkway was crawling along. We rode up Rt. 34 to Rt 9 into Rahway, wishing for a summer thunderstorm to cool things down and give my garden a drink.
Québécois love the early summer cold water vacations in Jersey. Must be tepid compared to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
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