Saturday, June 28, 2008

I walk the beaches of New Jersey

disguised as a crazy man handing out flyers with this printed on them

how long must you beam ultramicrowaves at my head before you realize I will not submit to the machinations of unified intelligence legions i know who you really are you are not private businesses but incorporated genetically enhanced field energies of indeterminate life spans you have been alive since before telephones they are only a convenience a camouflage for your true technological agenda but whoa sally i am one step ahead of you since twenty thousand years ago when conscious and unconscious mind fused and created poetry and we found out it was not the gods speaking but counter world hucksters passing off simple magnetic physics as divine magic do you think the universe was created yesterday haha that i was born an old man sitting in the cosmic dugout come on let's play ball the problem with beings like you is that you stopped evolving before you reached this planet but you weren't the first did you ever wonder what horseshoe crabs are they are your predecessors' enemies victors in the great meteor species wiped out three hundred million years ago didn't even take monkeys to push those nasty aliens off the face of the earth whoever they were but thank heavens the horseshoe crabs are still here someday soon the very viruses you create and unleash upon us will mutate and turn you back into the silly putty physical forms i happen to know you are under those ridiculous plastic fabric ecoskeletal exteriors you beguile us with masquerading as carbon based creatures the mere sight of a red-winged blackbird shrivels you up like alcohol on a hornet

{Found this in a PC file. I've never been able to capture schizoid narrative because it usually unreels gradually through a series of mundane connect-the-dots occurances, much like a tall tale - which I do write fairly well, but with an increasingly complex, inexplicable inner logic, the creative intelligence novelistic rather than poetic. In a tall tale, the fish talks. This happens early in the story. In a schizoid tale, the fish doesn't talk but its scales are an array of tracking devices beaming signals to a satellite maintained by a secret government agency. This information is presented matter-of-factly in small talk about a grocery store purchase when it is revealed that cleaning the fish activates the array. I was ten minutes into a chat outside a bus station with a seemingly ordinary traveler before he got to that quality of the story. }


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