Thursday, June 05, 2008

Junior Senator from New York

I can understand why Hillary was loathe to end her campaign & might prefer the comparative anonymity of being VP to staying on as junior senator from New Yawk. Politics there is a constant series of media turf wars. She has to fight senior Sen. Schumer for national security & Israel, Mayor Bloomberg for Tragic Accidents & pronouncements on the state of the economy, & Al Sharpton not only owns race issues, he invents them. Harlem Bill lost his "First Black President" title whether or not Obama wins. David Paterson is shaping up as a Governor Pataki type who distractingly sneaks into photo ops behind the right shoulder of the featured politician calling the Important Press Conference. There's too many professional sports teams, celebrity arrests, Fashion Weeks, Fleet Weeks, parades, & firework displays. One old monumental structure or another is always celebrating a centennial anniversary. At this moment, the second guy today just finished climbing up the side of the 52 story New York Times building, but during rush hour, which means few cared if he made it or fell off & many cursed the traffic gridlock. When Hillary's not running for president, Letterman gives her the guest chair only once a year & then only if she's flacking product & he might book her on Stupid Pet Tricks night, & Regis & Kelly don't need her at all. Upstaters just pester her to resurrect dead factories. & her "working class" supporters outside New York snap out of their trances & remember she doesn't really knock back shots & hunt deer.


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