Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Craig Ferguson gave Salman Rushdie five minutes to flack his latest novel AND talk about playing ping pong with Scarlet Johansson. Craig if you're giving him one segment, either discuss the book OR Scarlet, & since you hadn't read the book the choice was obvious.

It's fun for A.L. pitchers to bat in interleague games, but they don't train for it, or for scoring from second on singles, the Yanks' Chien-Ming Wang wrecked his foot doing it & could be out for the season.

Gutsy Tiger Woods winning the Open, playing through pain, pressure & bogeys. Usually if he hits the top of the board in the third round he strolls to the victory on Sunday. This was a whole other level of play. He really had to reach deep inside for this one. One of the greatest athletes of all time. I'm saying it about a golfer, I'm so impressed.

Too tired to express an opinion: The Mets fired Willie Randolph.

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