Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

Occasionally, one finds a great poet in another line of work.
We may forget that George was a very successful comedian before he changed his image. He was approaching the stage of his career where he would have been expected to don a tuxedo to work Vegas. Imagine George sitting in his dressing room, in his underwear so as not disturb the creases in his trousers, having his nails manicured before entertaining a showroom filled with Nixon supporters. That was his future. He understood it, & knew his creativity & anger couldn't coexist with it no matter how much money was thrown at him. He might have thought he was freeing his inner hippie, but it was already too late for that, & what emerged was mostly punk.

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A definite loss. I'm sorry to say, not unexpected, but still a great loss.
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