Sunday, June 29, 2008

Atlantic City NJ

The Big Fire 1915

The Weird New Jersey Calendar has for June 27: "First section of Atlantic City boardwalk, built by Alex Boardman, opens, 1870". That was his name. It was removed offseason. But when permanent boardwalks were built, boardwalk front property filled up & became dear. Property owners wanting to replace old buildings, & not willing to wait for a storm or risk unprofitable delays negotiating improvements with sleazy city agencies, are tempted to rely upon speedy renovation by fire. It's a short summer. All of Jersey's boardwalks have upgraded through this method every so often. It is most convenient if the unfortunate fire occurs late in season or early in fall, & the owner coincidentally has plans for a new structure laying around, & a friend in the construction trade with nothing else to do that winter. If the fire spreads & takes out a competitor, well, a boardwalk is a tough place to conduct business.

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