Monday, May 05, 2008

What, me elitist?

Let's go for the easy Quote of the Day:
"Plaintiff will testify at trial that he needed to have a disrobed male present in the room with them" in order for him to become physically aroused, McGreevey lawyer Stephen Haller wrote in recently released court papers. "This tends to prove that plaintiff was at least bisexual, a fact which should have been obvious to defendant prior to the marriage."
The plaintiff is former Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, involved in a "sordid" divorce trial with Dina Matos McGreevey. But all it tends to prove is what I suspected about McGreevey long before he resigned - that he was one of the most unimaginative politicians in a state filled with dull-minded legislators. Bored married folks resort to elaborate mental fantasies in order to become aroused with their own spouses. Jim couldn't even picture a studmuffin? He shouldn't have married such an attractive, ambitious woman. Street gangstas who know they'd be killed for expressing their true feelings go for "shorties," under-nourished, nonthreatening girls with the bodies of adolescent boys.

On the other side, Dina wants compensation for the First Lady lifestyle she would have enjoyed if her husband had not resigned. This is also peculiar, since Jim's adminstration would have slid into some political scandal ruinous to his career regardless of his sexual orientation. The McGreevey experience in general so freaked out Jersey Democrats that they actually talked about reform for about 15 minutes.

Can't locate a full quote in context for Hillary's Town Hall with George Stephanopoulos. What is this obssession Hillary Clinton has with "elite opinion"? Isn't she the elite of the elite? Politicians can never go wrong, at least over the short haul, appealing to the most base instincts of American voters. The first thing they do is pretend they're not elitist. Would Hillary ever seriously threaten the oil industry? Of course not. Up at her level there's no political parties, there's only those who give money to her campaign now & those who will contribute later. Probably the most difficult appointment to make in America is for a round of golf with Bill Clinton. Bill ain't playing the public links with the 19th hole at some bar down the road where any old duffer can bend his ear while he's bending his elbow.

Politician: Oil companies will pay the 18.4 cent per gallon federal tax this summer.
Oil company accountant: According to my calculations we'll have to add 20 cents to the price of a gallon at the pumps.

We need to be concerned with the quality of the elitists a president chooses to occupy those coveted offices in the White House & Federal buildings. I want reasonably high-minded men & women in them, people with strong ethics & the ability to think beyond next month. I don't want the collection of three-card monte hucksters, hack slogan writers, shills, grifters, compulsive liars, & moral deviants Bush assembled for his adminstration. Those types are never "elitist." They'll come right to your front door & offer you a great deal on repaving your driveway. They'll do it today, right now, in fact.
I'm leaning toward Rob Andrews in the Senate primary. Probably because I've never liked Frank Lautenberg & I know almost nothing about Andrews. Hardly anyone actually likes Lautenberg.

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