Monday, May 05, 2008

The singing nightbirds are marvelous.

I don't think they're true mockingbirds, but they have quite a repertoire. I can hear one now somewhere up the block. The other night I heard two while I was walking home, very loud - they're not fun to have right outside the window. They had robin, crow, sea gull, & blue jay in their songbooks, along with the various common sparrow chirps & whistles. In the past, I've heard them do crickets, cicadas, sirens, & what sounded like car alarms & weed whackers. One night, when I lived where I could hang out on the fire escape, I brought my Casio keyboard outside & tried without success to get one to sing a three note phrase. I didn't give the bird much time - I was concerned it might have already woken up some neighbor & I would enrage a sleepless, frustrated person.

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