Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Keeping the music playing

Bill & Chelsea looked tired & a bit morose, forcing enthusiasm for another round but ready to sing "Auld Lang Syne" & go home. That was the picture I saw from Indiana last night. Put 4 fresh alkaline batteries in Hillary & she'll keep the party going.

No matter how Hillary does her delegate arithmetic, it always adds up the same: Obama doesn't have 2009 or 2025, whichever number she uses, which means he hasn't won yet, which means she hasn't lost. That's one way of looking at it. Her way.

Hillary is running out of money. But there aren't many primaries remaining on the calendar.

How does she shut down a campaign for president that began in 1999 when she decided to run for the senate in order to run for president? She had four months circled on her calendar, March, August, November 2008, January 2009. Four major speeches. When this thing started she thought she could assemble the best campaign team since David Davis master-minded Lincoln's nomination in 1860 all by himself. & Barack Obama - before 2002 her Illinois people would have pointed to him as a go-to guy in Chicago's 13th Legislative District. Hi Barack. Do you need a new community center or something? Funding her campaign would pose no problem when everyone knew she would win. Plenty left over after the primaries. She'd just have to swat a few pesty Democratic governors & senators out of the way. Then take down the next whacko in a Republican Party that had nothing but whackos standing in line behind George W. Take him down the way George beat Gore & Kerry. Of all the Democratic candidates, Hillary is the only one who didn't think she needed to factor a lucky break into her campaign strategy.

Barack became one of the pesty senators. Then Hillary became Barack's pest.


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