Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wanted to go to Jersey City for a few hours this evening, but I also wanted it to be a pleasant journey since I'd be spending as much time in transit as at the destination; good coffee at Newark Penn Station, sunset over the greening old garbage dump mounds of Hackensack Meadowlands, perhaps egrets fishing Passaic River, the New York skyline across the Hudson. The rain did not let up until suppertime, damp temp in the low fifties, I thought, this can wait another day or two.

We haven't had a happy sunny breezy May, the Mad Month - no month is crazier with blooming things. I believe people fall in love more in May than in any other month. There may be a lack of statistics to prove it but there's plenty of poems & tra la la songs as evidence. Happened to me a few times. It's mostly molecular, of course. Can't gripe too much, there was a run of great April days & not so many showers.
Saddened that Sen. Kennedy is so gravely ill. When I was unsure about voting for Obama in the Jersey primary, Kennedy's endorsement counted for something, just as he intended. I was looking forward to Ted introducing Barack at the convention - certainly, he's getting an invite. If we're on the eve of an historic Democratic victory, no one deserves more to enjoy it than Sen. Kennedy.


I second that emotion.
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