Saturday, May 24, 2008


I went to Jersey City last night. Expected to turn in the simple form WFMU fill in DJs are required to submit twice each year, then answer some e mail, audition music, & record a few things. Pseu Braun was on the air, & Bryce, Maria, & Joe S. were hanging out in the studio with her. It was Bryce's birthday. Joe pulled up a chair for me, so I sat down & hung out, too. We watched Pseu do her show, chatted about the music & other stuff (wandering into the topic of crustaceans & their live behavior). After awhile, Pseu brought out a delicious Amish style carrot cake with walnuts & creamy white icing & we all had a big slice. Didn't sing "Happy Birthday." Then I had to hurry to catch my trains, which I did.

I used to do this fairly often, dropping in on the small studio gatherings. When I could get to the station faster, sometimes I'd be listening at home & hear or guess who was there, impulsively jump in the car & go. It was the only way I'd get to see some DJs, since they live all over the map. Pseu was one of the few I did cross paths with on occasion outside the station, at a small South Amboy tavern back in the 90's. There are some DJs. when they have evening or weekend shows, don't mind visitors in the studio. They're capable of socializing while they select & cue up music. They're like people who enjoy cooking while you're in the kitchen. This has always been difficult for me, I tended to lose track of what I was doing & miscue recordings even when I was on every week & my hands automatically found the correct faders & buttons. The comfortable approach is to just loosen the process up enough so it sounds like that's what was intended or it doesn't matter because after all it is WFMU with people hanging out in the studio or listening somewhere else while you do a free form show.


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