Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards delivers his resume

John Edwards endorses Barack Obama tonight. Elizabeth Edwards does not. He wants a job. Attorney General would be swell. She favors Clinton's health care plan. That makes sense. I favor it, too. Neither the Obama nor the Clinton plan is what we'll eventually get. We'll have some kind of broad reform. But reform is likely to be patchwork, not a deep overhaul of the system. It will have a bit of everything. Extensions of Medicare & Medicaid, private plan subsidies, tax credits, adjustments in reimbursement rates, small business incentives, sliding scale drug copays. Every interest group involved in legislation will have one hand in & one hand out. Clinton's influence in congress will easily match Obama's, & top his in the private sectors. So I don't think Elizabeth Edwards need worry about which plan is placed on the table. They'll both be placed there, & promptly shredded.

John's endorsement isn't nearly as important as he thinks it is. There's two enthusiastic endorsements Barack absolutely needs: Al Gore & Hillary Clinton.


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