Sunday, May 11, 2008

At Church

Trinity United Church of Christ is located on Chicago's South Side. During one of the Sunday services, the pastor asked how many in the congregation were unemployed. Half the people raised their hands.

If you attend church regularly, how many in your congregation (other than retirees) would raise their hands?
If Jesus were there in person, sitting in a pew, would he raise his hand?
If you think Jesus wouldn't raise his hand, what was his occupation?
If you named an occupation, is it the same one Jesus would have claimed for himself?
Afterward, at church social hour, would Jesus be chatting with the employed, the unemployed, or everyone about equally?

What did you think of those men Jesus brought along with him to church? Did they look like his posse?
Did you introduce yourself to Jesus, expect he'd come over & introduce himself, or hope you wouldn't have to talk to him at all?
Assuming there were plenty of donuts, did Jesus ask if he could take a couple of donuts for later?
If Jesus asked for a couple of donuts, why did he want them?
Where did Jesus stay on Saturday night?


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