Thursday, May 01, 2008

April 31

May Day. Holocaust Remembrance Day. "Mission Accomplished" Day. Yet, May 1 took me by surprise. I couldn't figure out why until I looked closely at the Weird New Jersey Calendar on the wall & realized it has an April 31. All month long I've been glancing at it without noticing the numbers, & thinking the last day of April is today. There's even a weird event for the date: "Hunterdon County Courthouse employees claim ghost of Bruno Hauptmann is switching the lights on and off, 2006." That must have been some spooky day in Flemington NJ, since it didn't exist anywhere else. Turn the page & there's May 1 on Thursday: "New issue of Weird NJ."


Happy April Fools, and May Day, Bob! -Mark M. Weird NJ
Mark Moran, a guy who some years ago listened with scholarly interest rather than skepticism when I mentioned I'd seen a bronze relief sculpture of a saint on the wall of a Catholic church in Sayreville that cast a shadow of Satan. Every issue of Weird NJ uncovers many such remarkable Garden State attractions.
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