Friday, May 16, 2008

All for his personal use

& he was growing it to break a Guinness World Record for 24 hour doob smoking.
A Bradley Beach man who won a reversal of his 50-year prison term for growing marijuana in his apartment was re-sentenced today to a 15-year stint that could have him released in just over a year.

The new sentence ends five years of legal fighting by William Allegro, who claimed the stiff penalty was the result of bad advice from his attorney, who later was disbarred for drug use.

Charged after authorities found 19 pounds of marijuana growing at his garage-apartment during a 1999 fire, Allegro, now 40, was convicted the following year of maintaining a drug production facility and possession with intent to distribute.

Talk about excessive sentences. He's served six years. He'd pull less time for a drive by murder. But he probably would've gotten the death penalty in Texas. It's also a reminder to use only the highest quality extension cords for grow lamps. In a legal world, Allegro might be a decent label for his product, although Andante would be better. & if the product were any good, the main stems, stalks, & roots would go into the compost heap & not be included in the weight. Maybe a good defense lawyer would've raised that point.


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