Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There are three Roman Catholic Archdioceses & at least a dozen Catholic colleges & universities in the New York media market. But for commentary on the Pope's visit to America, WCBS news radio turns to Father Richard John Neuhaus, a formerly Lutheran Catholic convert, ultraorthodox, neocon George W. Bush advisor connected with the far right wing Institute on Religion and Democracy. Besides tacitly supporting Christian imperialism in the Middle East, the IRD specializes in infiltrating & destabilizing mainstream American churches it deems too "progressive." Which could mean a Church expressing a position on the environment slightly to the left of Mobil Oil.
A beautiful spring day. Kind of day reminds me how unconnected I feel to this city. In my former community, I felt like a failure. I became so humiliated I couldn't bring myself to visit friends three blocks away. Here, I'm just a nobody. It's the anonymity I sought.

So I went over to vote in the school elections. I wouldn't have bothered if the Board of Ed hadn't caught my attention awhile back by mixing religion into the school system in a way that alarmed me. Then I realized the political machine controling the Board intended to take over city hall ward-by-ward. They're not reformers, only a competing machine. I even have suspicions they're closet Republicans, which would be irrational for a Board so utterly dependent on the generosity of liberal Democrats.

There's another election in June , a Democratic primary for senator.

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