Saturday, April 19, 2008

Record Store Day

Today is Record Store Day. So patronize your local indie music store. Buy a used CD or record, a tee shirt, a bottle of disc cleaner, a poster, or just a pack of Zig Zag rolling papers. My favorite store, no surprise, is the renowned Princeton Record Exchange, there's lots of cheap classical stuff, about a ten minute pleasant walk from the dinky campus train station, & I'm overdue for a visit. I know people who risked defaulting on college loans because of Vintage Vinyl.

An actual cheap used record I found in an indie store.


Vintage Vinyl was the second place I drove when I got my NJ drivers license at 17. The first place was church!
On a beautiful Memorial Day when I was 17, I borrowed the family Ford for a couple hours & drove up to Harmony House on Route 22. Probably gave some excuse about going to a friend's cookout, because who wants to hang out in a record store on a lovely Spring afternoon instead of sitting around in lawn chairs with nothing to do?
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