Thursday, April 17, 2008

Danny Federici

Dandy Federici, dead at age 58. An original member of the E Street Band, goes back to earlier bands with Springsteen. A wonderful musician.

"Your organ and accordion playing brought the boardwalks of Central and South Jersey alive in my music."

Bruce Springsteen, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction speech

Danny was always the one guy in E Street I thought must have been continually astonished at his success, a musician who could imagine himself as a high school music teacher but for hooking up with Springsteen's star for what turned out to be the best regular gig in rock history. All Danny could be sure of back in the days of the "E Street Shuffle" was that he was good enough to be in a great band with a great frontman & working steady. But what a ride he had! & he got to play his accordion, too.

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