Sunday, April 20, 2008

At Yankee Stadium

He's been rehearsing since he loosened his tie & crooned "Ave Maria" at his First Communion party:
"Practicing? I'm playing for the Pope today."
New Orleans musician Harry Connick, Jr., asked if he was a "practicing Catholic."

Doctrinal close-but-no-cigar:
“It’s like Jesus Christ visiting America."
Clemens Semon, 50

Would be astonished if she learned the Pope would say the same about Rita:
“If I see him, to me, it’s just like seeing God on the face of the earth.”
Rita Witty, 68

Expecting the Céline Dion in Vegas experience:
"I'm hoping to feel something from (Benedict). Everyone who has seen him says they crumple, their knees buckle."
Suzanne Giordano

The Rogue Lutheran Pastor Who Converted & is Now more Catholic than the Pope Award goes to:
"an overweening and preening exercise in multicultural exhibitionism."
Father Richard John Neuhaus, ex-Lutheran, Bush advisor, professional supercatholic, commenting on the Papal Mass in Washington Nationals Stadium.

"Work never ends when you're the Pope."
Christine Johnson, co-anchor, Sunday news at 11 pm, Channel 2


I wonder if Stan's and other Yankee Stadium-area watering holes were serving German beer yesterday.
According to the New Yawk Times, patrons were drinking coffee. Bar coffee is the worst.
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