Saturday, April 12, 2008

Angels wanna wear his red shoes

Disrespectful? True, the zucchetto should be white, not red. The head of Pope John XXIII - who sorta looked like a bobblehead anyway - would be more fun than Pope Benedict XVI. But where's the red Pradas?
Benedict XVI Ready to Meet America: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state, notes that "religion is deeply rooted in American life despite the separation of church and state."
Interesting, given that Christianity is dying out in Western Europe, where they made a regular routine out of killing each other over it, & dispatched lawless hordes to the Holy Land when life at home got too peaceful.
In recently receiving the new U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon, Benedict welcomed what he called the American people's "historic" appreciation of the role of religion in shaping public policy.
Such as bringing about a right wing protestant vision of Armageddon through insane wars in the Middle East.
President Bush: Welcome to The United States, Yer Holymanness.
Pope Benedict XVI: Yeah, cool, Your Lame Duckness. You do know Benedict XV wasn't my dad, right? What's this End Times bullshit you into here? Maybe you heard I'm conservative, too, but listen up, tell your dumbass fundie pals I speak five languages including a dead one better than you speak English, I ain't the Horned Beast, I'm the freakin' Pope, & I'm asking you again to stop the freakin' war.

Communion for 57, 000 at Yankee Stadium. Bring your Derek Jeter bobblehead for a Papal Blessing of his upper left quadriceps.
Family of nine among Central Texans scoring tickets to see Pope in U.S.
The Northwest Austin couple has already cleared multiple security checks by New York City and federal security officials to gain entrance to the Yankee Stadium papal Mass on April 20. They made hotel reservations and booked a flight using Robert's frequent-flier miles. They've set aside suits and dresses for their children, who range in age from one to 13, to wear.

And on Thursday, Kelly, 40, and Robert, 42, will pile onto a plane bound for New York with their seven children: Alex, Grant, Jacqueline, George, Max, Bernadette and Mary Angelica.
Won't they be amazed to discover condoms are sold legally in New York, & not even from behind the counter but displayed openly in store aisles just like guns in Texas.

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