Saturday, March 01, 2008


Most years, today is my first day of spring. Why not? Let the crocuses arise. I've already heard robins. They've been around a couple of weeks. There are migrating birds that fly only as far south as need, particularly some water birds pushed along by water temps & storm systems rather than a destination. This winter was like a long March. Brief cold spells. Mixed precip rather than heavy snow. The ocean kept tempering the storms, so the weather here resembled a South Jersey coastal winter. A global warming kind of winter we're experiencing more & more often. Which doesn't mean next year won't feature blizzards & deep freezes. Weather averages out, & it's averaging out milder. Last night, walking a few blocks home through rain, sleet & wind, an inch of slush, way more uncomfortable than 10 degrees colder & snowing.


Quite often, robins don't fly south for the winter but spend the colder months in deeper forests. My little block has already had many singing cardinals and a noisy red-winged blackbird.
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