Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sissy Dog

There's a sissy dog in a backyard across the street. You put most dogs out, they're happy to be there or annoyed by it. Sometimes they sleep. Sometimes they bark at everything; other dogs in other yards, cats, rats, possums, around here a skunk on occasion. They bark to hear themselves. If they can see the street, they bark at everyone walking by & when the person is out of sight they probably believe they succeeded in chasing the stranger away. But the sissy dog across the street yelps pathetically in a high pitch, Oh help me. Oh torment. Oh please, I'm all alone. I'm abandoned, rejected, a lone wolf. Miserable me, out here in broad daylight on a lovely early spring afternoon. They'll never open the door & let me back inside. I'm going to starve.

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