Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rabbi Zev Segal

Let's a take moment to sit Shiva with Nachum Segal & his family. His dad, Rabbi Zev Segal, died tragically last week, but now rests in Israel.
Rabbi Segal's last morning was spent helping his famous son on the air in his annual fundraising marathon. Last Wednesday, as he offered his congratulations to Nachum on the program's 25th anniversary, little did father and son realize it would be their last conversation.

"The moment of Nachum's father entering the studio was filled with emotion," recounted one of the show's producers and fill-in hosts, Mattes Weingast. "A father coming to honor his son."

Rabbi Segal told the listeners that he and his wife were very proud of their son's accomplishments in the Jewish world, that they knew from early on that he would make a difference in the world, and wished continued success for his son in continuing to support the nation of Israel and the Land of Israel.

"Out of respect, Nachum stood for the entire interview," Weingast told Arutz-7's "He did not even mention his father by name when introducing him, but rather had an associate mention the name."
You probably have to know Nachum to know there was quiet humor in this moment as well as respect. Nachum treats everyone with respect, he just doesn't remain standing for you. I always figured Nachum had extraordinary parents, that he could be such a leader in the Jewish community from a young age, yet fit in so well at the WFMU nuthouse, which is a diverse & relentlessly irreverent community. Coming off an overnight shift during the fund-raising marathon & running into the charged-up JM In the AM crew is always kind of a shock until you see the breakfast spread they lay out, the bags of great bagels, five kinds of cream cheese, lox, orange juice, donuts, fresh coffee perking, someone standing there saying, "You look exhausted, help yourself."

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Bob, you took the words right out of my salivating mouth. The marathon spreads that JM in the AM would produce were legendary. They thoroughly satisfied the hunger pangs of goyim like myself when I would arrive at the station for my volunteer work.
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