Saturday, March 08, 2008

at the end of the day

Oy. Every day now, I wish John Edwards had the Democratic nomination just about wrapped up, & he was going to work on John McCain like Zorro using his sword to undress evil Captain Esteban button by button. Zip, the War. Zip, the economy. Zip, health care. Zip, John Hagee. Zip, corporate greed. Zip, Homeland Security. Zip, outsourcing America's defense. Zip, supporting the troops by sending them on 4th & 5th tours of duty overseas. Zip, four more years of Bush/Cheney. Zip, zip, zip, until McCain is flustered & beet-faced & bare-assed & ill-tempered & we see him for who & what he really is & represents & the Repugs ain't even had their convention yet.
After watching a documentary about the abstract reasoning abilities of chimps, I decided I should stop calling Bush "President Monkeybrain."
10 pm The wind is extraordinary tonight. Must be gusting 60+ mph. Earlier, as the last of the rain squawls blew in, I th0ught there was a tornado coming. I was up the street at Gina's watching basketball after feeding her cats, the house was shaking. Stepped out on the front stoop, almost blown off my feet. I've been at Gina's during some very intense weather, or maybe just seems so because I'm the only human in a house with 4 cats.

Wish I'd stuck around for the rest of the Syracuse - USF women's game, which is now in overtime. & why does the Big East have the tournament in Hartford every year? Those are in effect all home games for UConn, which hardly needs an additional edge. Big East Women's always sends 6-8 teams to the NCAA, draws big crowds at all the member schools. Ought to be holding it in the vicinity of the Ohio River every other year.
Politicians & talking heads, stop using the phrase,''at the end of the day."

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