Monday, March 03, 2008


My eyeglasses are scratched up like I cleaned them with industrial grade toilet paper, & maybe I did. Time for new glasses anyway. I stopped by the optometrist office to schedule an appointment. Yes, I've been here before. Yes, I have insurance, here's the card. The receptionist looked it over, said they don't take that plan anymore, & handed it back.

This optometrist is not an employee of an eyewear fashion palace at the mall. He's in a medical arts building a few blocks away that's seen better days & has a perpetual sign out front advertising office suites for rent. He shares the space with a chiropractor. Wherever the local Orthodox go for eye exams, it isn't to him. He's the doctor who delivered the bad news that my left retina was wrecked, too late for me to sue the ass off a Millburn NJ surgeon, take the settlement & move into a doublewide in Cape May County with a small deck, a few rose bushes, & a Hyundai Accent I bought new parked out front. I can think of a number of people who'd visit me down there. I liked these glasses until they got scratched.

I put the insurance card back in my wallet & said, If you're not taking it I don't understand how you're turning a profit in this neighborhhood.


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