Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tennessee 74, Notre Dame 64.
The Irish women played a good first period & a good second period against the Vols this year. Unfortunately, they were two different games. Can't fault Muffet McGraw & the gals for this one. They came out like the Vols were beatable - which they are - & led at halftime, & that attitude was all I expected of them. But the Vols have an All-American named Candace Parker & she scored 34 points & got 13 rebounds.

I've been checking out chatty, literate New Jersey blogs for my blog roll & daily reading, it's not surprising that so many of them are actually asshole reactionaries. If I met them in person, I'd know they were a-holes within seconds, but since I don't frequent sushi bars, I don't meet them.
A Kansas / Memphis / North Carolina / UCLA men's b ball final four does not fill me excitement.

One of the most elite small colleges in America, #10 seed Davidson hardly represented true underdogs.

The Big East is gone. Georgetown, an overrated bunch all season that played joyless ball. Notre Dame, a team I aways hope gets bracketed with - & beats - UCLA (this preference dates back to the John Wooden era). Louisville, not that I care how Rick Pitino's teams do. Pittsburgh ran out of steam. Marquette ran out of luck. Villanova ran into Kansas. UConn lost to San Diego in protest for not being given a first round bye. I root for West Virginia because that school is the model for the new version of Rutgers.

The list of chatty literate NJ blogs in itself is quite short, let alone non-reactionary ones. Let's compare lists and see how many we come up with.
What snobs you two are!!!
Snob? Yeah, probably, but in ways that can't be easily explained.
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